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10 advantages of investing in Trampoline parks

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People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of healthy and active leisure time activities, and if your leisure time activity is fun to do, it’s just that much better. One of these activities is trampolining, especially at the increasingly popular trampoline parks. Investing in trampoline parks has been shown to have a number of advantages, so that trampolines have become an excellent business opportunity for many people in recent years. 


1. Trampoline parks are an important segment of the entertainment industry

In order to deal with their stress-filled lives, people nowadays are constantly looking for fun ways to spend their free time, which according to research is where approximately 5% of household income is spent.

The importance of the entertainment industry was reflected in the first half of this year, when the coronavirus practically forced us to stay at home, due to which the costs of home entertainment increased by 26%.

But for a long time the trampoline park industry has been much more than just jumping on trampolines. A number of new features, like climbing walls, foam pits, games and competitions, are the main reasons that trampoline parks are becoming the fastest-growing segment of the entertainment industry.


2. Trampoline parks are part of a healthy lifestyle

These days, having a healthy lifestyle is a motto for everyone, and both the food service industry and industries associated with movement have adjusted to this fact.
Research shows that 10 minutes of trampolining has the same effects as a 30 minute run, and it also has many more positive effects on our health.

From this perspective, trampoline parks have become an excellent investment opportunity, as people today are increasingly frequently looking for different types of movement that have positive effects on their health, and for which they are prepared to pay.


3. Popularity of trampoline parks growing steadily

As many people have recognised that trampolining is both exceptionally fun and good for your health, this form of entertainment is becoming increasingly popular. From 2004 to the present, the number of trampoline parks in the United States has grown to over 800, and the situation is the same in Europe. It is therefore no surprise that the number of trampoline parks has doubled every year since 2013.


4. Trampoline parks are highly profitable

While it is true that the initial investment in a trampoline park can be quite large, as the equipment has to be purchased and the space leased, many other factors have to be taken into account (location, maintenance costs, labour costs).

But the same holds for the profits. With a wide and varied range of attractions, trampoline parks bring people back again and again, which increases their profits, and therefore a trampoline park is a project that returns the costs of investment very quickly.


5. Modular design allows the park to be continually modified to suit current trends

One of the main characteristics of a trampoline park is that it is composed of various elements that permit modular design, so that they can be continually modified and adjusted to the current needs, wishes and trends.

If you notice that a certain part of the park is underused, it can be simply removed and replaced with a new feature, and in the same manner, trampoline parks can be continually upgraded, so that the design of the park is always in line with the interests of the visitors.


6. Adapting the trampoline park to its environment

When designing the park, it is important to adapt it to the given environment. Even though there are more and more of these types of parks, every carefully and thoughtfully designed park is unique and offers its own kind of entertainment.

In addition to the design concept, you have to assess the competition and use a special diversification strategy that allows all parks to stand out from the competition and makes their operations more successful.


7. Trampoline parks keep up with technological developments

The trampoline park industry is exceptionally dynamic. Rapidly growing digital technologies mean that visitors are continuously offered numerous new attractions, eye-catching projections and innovative uses of graphics, light and music that are highly sought after by visitors and offer them an unforgettable user experience.

Significant progress has also been made in the area of safety. Continual improvements to the design and the quality of the materials ensure visitors that trampoline parks are completely safe when all of the safety measures are taken into account.


8. Trampoline parks reporting increasing numbers of visitors

Trampoline parks are attracting numbers of visitors, as they offer activities for people of all ages. The interesting variety of entertainment at these parks ensures not only that customers are satisfied, but that they keep coming back.

Since the park’s operations are based on the number of tickets sold, which have to cover the use of the facility for a certain period of time, another advantage of trampoline parks is that the majority of trampoline parks are high-capacity venues, which means that a large number of visitors can enjoy the space at the same time.


9. Fun for the whole family

With the fast-paced tempo of modern life, when everyone has too little spare time, it is all the more important to spend it in the company of our loved ones. A further benefit of investing in a trampoline park is that trampolining is one of the few activities that is suitable for all generations and that the family can do together. The majority of trampoliners are still children and adolescents under 17, but it is significant that the average age of trampoliners is steadily rising.

Even if the parents don’t want to hit the trampolines, they will certainly accompany their children, which means that visiting the trampoline park is a sort of family excursion. In order to make trampoline parks fun for older people too, there is an increasing focus on expanding the range of culinary offerings and other social activities that offer fun for everyone.


10. A great opportunity for additional programmes

Since trampoline parks offer an excellent opportunity to expand their programmes by including other activities, they have proved to be a profitable business. Trampoline parks have for many years been much more than just trampolines, which today take up approximately 50% of the available space, and have become true entertainment centres.

In this way, trampoline parks offer the possibility for numerous supplemental activities that will generate additional profits, such as birthday parties, teambuilding, sport training sessions, sports days, equipment rental and more.

Due to all of these benefits, we believe that investment in a trampoline park is an excellent business opportunity, as it offers endless possibilities for improvement and adaptation to current trends and demand. This in turn will ensure successful performance and the generation of profits.



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