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8 things to consider when choosing  a Trampoline park location

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As in numerous other business activities, a good location is a key component of the successful operation of your trampoline park. The location, namely, has a significant influence on its visibility, recognition, and the number of visitors who will come to your trampoline park.

Population density

The population density is one of the most important criteria that must be taken into consideration when finding a suitable location for a trampoline park – following criteria will have a significant impact on the number of people visiting the park.

  • Experienced operators know that a maximum concentration of people in the vicinity of the park is a considerable advantage.
  • The ideal situation is that, within a 10-minute drive around the park, there should be at least 250,000 inhabitants, while within a half-hour drive around the park, there should be at least 500,000. Of course, a successful park can also operate in smaller towns and more remote locations, but immediate vicinity is, of course, an important advantage.
  • If the trampoline park is located at a slightly more remote location, this park must be larger and must also have more features that will attract visitors.
  • If attractions, programs, and activities are interesting and fun enough, the visitors will be willing to visit the park more often, in spite of its remoteness.

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The accessibility of the trampoline park is extremely important. The location must have a well-regulated road infrastructure which will allow potential visitors to visit the park using their own means of transport. If the location is also accessible with scheduled public transport services, this is also a great advantage; that way, even people without their own car will be able to visit the park.

In this way, you will also guarantee that teenagers will visit the park with their friends. A further bonus are dedicated cycle paths and footpaths, allowing visitors to access the park in a more active way.


Primary schools and high schools

The presence and vicinity of primary schools and high schools can be a big advantage for the location of your trampoline park. In this way, many adolescents and children who are the primary target group of a trampoline park will be located in its surroundings. We can also think about ways of connecting with high schools and primary schools, by including sports days and sports education lessons in our offer.


Public infrastructure and shops

We must definitely not ignore the importance of the proximity of other (already established) infrastructure such as shops and malls. If the park is located at a highly frequented and accessible location which also attracts larger crowds, it will also be visible to people who are employed in the vicinity or perform their everyday errands there.

If they notice the park and remember it, they are more likely to tell their friends and family members about it, and maybe even spend their free time with them in the park.

Shopping malls also enable visitors to combine fun, recreation, shopping, and errands. Parents can leave children to jump and have fun on trampolines while they shop.



Think about whether there are any restaurants in the vicinity of the selected location of the trampoline park. These can be fast food restaurants, ordinary restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The visitors will thus be able to restore their energy and rest for a while after jumping. At the same time, this will also increase the visibility of your trampoline park, since customers who were only visiting these restaurants until then will now be able to notice your park.


Intended purpose of the hall

Before choosing the location (the hall) for your park, you must check its intended purpose or its main activity. Trampoline parks belong to the category of amusement parks or similar entertainment facilities. For these facilities, construction permits must generally always be obtained.


Size of the location for your park

When choosing the location of your trampoline park, you must also focus on the area where you intend on building your park. The area must be large enough, and its ceilings high enough to be able to accommodate all necessary elements for the trampoline park you wish to build. Of course, you must also think about what you want to include in the offer of your trampoline park in the first place, and do so in advance.


Parking space

Another very important point that you need to take into account when selecting the location is parking space. You need to make sure that your trampoline park has a parking area that is large and spacious enough for the customers to be able to leave their cars there, with nothing to worry about.


A good location is therefore a key component of the successful operation of your trampoline park. Without it, your trampoline park will be less visible; as a consequence, much fewer visitors will be attracted by it. Only when absolutely all factors related to the location have been considered can you actually start planning and building your trampoline park.


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