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Industry trends and the yearly growing popularity of Trampoline parks!

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The entertainment industry is one of the most widely developed and profitable industries. Amusement parks already garner a lot of attention from the public, and are becoming increasingly popular year after year. They namely provide a number of activities, games, shows, and other forms of entertainment that appeal to different age groups of people with different interests.

Trends in the entertainment industry

As with any other industry, the entertainment industry must also adapt to technological progress, innovations, and the ever-increasing demand and expectations of visitors. If providers wish to satisfy the wishes of consumers and make sure that they remain visible and well-frequented in the industry, they must namely follow trends.

The graph below shows how since 1999 (with a decrease in 2007 and 2008) the average household consumption of the entertainment industry has increased sharply. The trends and innovations that these entertainment industries bring to their business are strongly contributing to this increased spending.

US annual household entertainment spending - report 2019 - Akrobat blog


Over the years, the entertainment industry is on the rise

Although traditional theme parks or amusement parks are still popular, providers have begun developing somewhat different, more interesting offer in these parks. The ever-increasing expectations of visitors are something that the providers wish to satisfy. There is a growing desire for a more creative, holistic experience. Therefore, providers must ensure that every component or every part of the experience can be perceived as extremely fun by the users.

One very large component of a comprehensive experience may, for example, also be creative and high-quality cuisine. Theme amusement parks can therefore offer dishes consistent with the theme of the entire park.


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One of the more successful theme parks is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is in Florida. The amusement park appeals to crowds with attractions such as a full-scale replica of the Hogwarts Express and the world's only duelling inverted rollercoaster, the Dragon Challenge. This shows that adding a theme to the whole adrenaline park really elevates the users experience and the same logic should also apply to trampoline parks.  

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - theme park - Akrobat blog

It is also recommended that the parks keep pace with technological developments. Rapidly growing technology and digitalisation, namely, offer numerous new attractions for visitors. People are well aware of the technological progress and therefore expect more from the entertainment industry.

You can make use of the technology when it comes to the maintenance and operation of the park and when you're preparing your offer. Visitors are quickly attracted by amusing projections which further enrich the numerous available games on trampoline fields, thus making it easier for you to theme them.


The popularity of trampoline parks is rapidly increasing!

Through trampoline parks, jumping on home trampolines in your own backyard has evolved into an extremely well-thought-out, interactive experience. The trend of trampoline parks thus combines the entertainment and health industries by offering activities and experiences which are attractive for the majority of demographic groups.

Trampoline park jumping by age - report - Akrobat blog

Did you know?
The popularity of trampoline parks is rapidly increasing! - Akrobat

The average age of jumpers is getting higher! An increasing number of people in their 20s and 30s are visiting trampoline parks. But the majority of all jumpers are still children. Kids between six and ten years old make up to 35 %, children between 11 and 15 years 26 % and toddlers 13 %.




The children are your future

In its offer, each trampoline park must strive to satisfy the largest group of jumpers – children and younger adolescents. Due to technological developments, they are now looking for entertainment that provides them with a high social, mobile, visual, and digital value while also promoting movement and activity.

Image result for children fun trampoline technology

Did you know?
The children are your future - Akrobat

»Dot com kids« are children born after the year 2002. They are highly digital, social, global, mobile and visual and are capable to grasp most of the more complex technology by the age of 8.


Children are constantly eager to discover new experiences and entertainment. And that is what trampoline parks provide for them. Instead of spending their afternoon free time at home at a computer screen or in front of a television, they can now participate in fun activities which also guarantee excellent recreational value. In addition, there is also the social component.


In trampoline parks, children can spend their free time with their friends. Furthermore, they can also celebrate their birthday in trampoline parks. These birthday celebrations consist of meticulously planned activities by the trampoline park staff, which also guarantees a carefree experience for parents.

New elements and features in trampoline parks - Akrobat blog

The parks that provide efficient solutions to these requirements are usually extremely successful. Technology allows users to interact with other jumpers in an interesting manner, or to compete with themselves while achieving new records. It also provides new elements and features of the park, such as:

  • ninja warrior,
  • extended climbing walls,
  • interactive walls and
  • dodgeball attacks.

Don't forget about the parents!

According to trampoline park operators, these parks are most frequently visited by children and adolescents under 17 years of age who need adult supervision. This means that parents, grandparents, other family members, or family friends must escort young people to the park, thus transforming a visit to a trampoline park into a family event.

With their offer, trampoline parks do not only satisfy the younger generations of visitors. Operators have found numerous ways to satisfy older visitors who are mostly there to supervise. Numerous operators have found added value by providing excellent culinary experiences and other social events.


Achieving trampoline park popularity through graphics, lasers, and innovation

The reasons for the rapid growth of trampoline park industry can also be found in the fact that there are indeed many opportunities for innovation and development in the industry.

Trampoline parks are also very popular among visitors due to their innovative use of graphics, light, and music. Visitors are also attracted by theme parks, which can be achieved by operators using specific graphic prints which also enable the trademark of the trampoline park to be highly visible within its environment. Safety nets and most other elements of the park can also bear special prints. Especially interesting are parks using PVC materials which glow under UV lights. You can also brighten up the premises by using LED lighting which will provide additional interest to trampoline runways.

Graphics, lasers, and innovation in trampoline parks - Akrobat blog

Did you know?
Achieving trampoline park popularity through graphics, lasers, and innovation - Akrobat

According to Statista, in August 2019, 51.65 % of all internet traffic came from mobile devices. More than 40 % of all bookings for different activities are made online. That's way trampoline park owners should consider offering an online booking services for their ticket reservations.


Since 2013, the number of trampoline parks has been doubling every year because there are numerous developmental opportunities in the entertainment industry. Trampoline parks in particular offer numerous opportunities for expansion: specifically, you can allocate a popular theme to your park and add elements that you consider popular with visitors.


We also recommend you focus on digitally supported elements that will definitely be a big hit with younger visitors. If you take good care of your visitors and provide them with interesting ways of spending their free time, the industry will keep on developing at an increasing rate, and so will the number of the parks.


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