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Safety measures and certificates required to operate a Trampoline park

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Trampolining is becoming more and more popular, so it is not surprising that the number of trampoline parks is growing. Although it is above all a fun and active way to spend leisure time, trampoline safety issues are becoming increasingly common.

Important criteria for a safe operation of Trampoline park

Countless attractions and businesses are here to entertain children - with trampoline parks as the latest craze growing increasingly popular across the globe.

Unfortunately, the number of injuries is rising in parallel with the increasing popularity of trampoline parks. In order to make trampolining as safe and worry-free as possible, both for jumpers and for operators and manufacturers, professional regulatory standards have been developed that ensure that trampoline parks are built to be completely safe.

The following two conditions have to be met for a trampoline park to operate safely:

  • trampoline parks have to adhere to various international standards and have to obtain various safety certificates
  • visitors to trampoline parks must follow all safety rules.

What are the International standards regulating safety at trampoline parks?

The field of trampoline park safety is now regulated by international standards that are the result of cooperation between the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and numerous professionals in the fields of gymnastics and manufacturing, and various associations aimed at preventing accidents.

The international trampoline park safety standards specify precise requirements that have to be met with regard to the design and building of the indoor trampoline parks, and also include a risk assessment and an assessment of the daily operations of indoor trampoline parks.

The most important Trampoline park safety standards regulating operations and safety are:

  • PAS 5000 or ASTM 2970-13
  • EN 913
  • EN 13219
  • EN 15567-1
  • EN 12572-2 and 3
  • EN 1176-1


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In addition to the above-mentioned specifications, the international standards also relate to employees at trampoline parks. The most important aspects here are that:

  • employees must be adequately trained since they have to explain the rules to visitors and show them the correct way to do the exercises and react appropriately in case of accidents
  • each employee can supervise only a certain number of visitors

Also, it is important to know, that a quality trampoline park employee should engage with the bouncing activities. This means that they are out there bouncing around, interacting, and more importantly, watching to make sure that everyone is safe.

Having adequate employees watching and making sure that everyone is using the trampolines properly ensures that the bouncing continues with no unnecessary injuries and that your trampoline park operates safely.


Safety rules for users of trampoline parks

If you have ever been to a trampoline park, you know that you don’t just come in and immediately start jumping a little wild gazelle. One of the very first things done at a trampoline park is a talk about safety. In addition to following all of the rules set out in the international standards (as seen above), additional measures are required in order to ensure increased safety at trampoline parks.

The fact is that safety also depends on the visitors, and therefore:

  • each visitor must sign a waiver of liability, which must be signed by their parent or guardian if they are under the age of 15
  • visitors must watch a video on the park’s safety rules before using the equipment
  • visitors should be encouraged to warm up before using the equipment

What else can you do to make your trampoline park operate safely? Like most sporting activities, trampolining and other adventure-challenge activities create the potential for injury even when done properly and following appropriate rules and guidelines.

So it is very important to make and clearly present your own rules and safety guidelines, which you developed in conjunction with safety experts with the specific direction to meet or exceed the world’s best practices. If every criteria for safety is met, trampoline parks can be the safest place on the earth and totally safe for everyone, even toddlers!


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