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Most popular sporting activities for the whole family

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As today’s parents become more aware of the importance of their children remaining physically active, many are making sure that they do at least one sporting activity with their kids on a regular basis. The family is an important factor in the development of young people, and children generally love sports that all their family members take part in and enjoy. The environment around a child also has a major impact on whether he or she develops a positive attitude to sport. So the ultimate question remains - what are popular and also healthy family activities? 


The World Health Organization believes that young people between the ages of 5 and 17 should undertake at least 60 minutes of moderate to intensive physical activity a day, with any activity beyond one hour bringing additional health benefits.

Younger children can end up enjoying sport even more if, from the start, they engage in slightly more interesting family activities that do not require too much effort and are, for that reason, all the more fun. Gradually, of course, they have to be introduced to more ‘serious’ forms of physical activity. You never know, perhaps they’ll end up doing it professionally!

In various studies that examine which sports are most suitable, beneficial and enjoyable for children, the same activities tend to turn up again and again. There are quite a few sporting activities with a strong appeal to children.

Among these we note the growing popularity of trampolining, and how good this activity can be for children. Statistical data also tells us which sports equipment sells the most, and these figures make clear that it’s worth investing in trampolining and trampoline parks, which can will deliver a profitable business over the long term.

We have compiled a general list of the most attractive sporting activities for families. We have purposely omitted football, which is the most popular sport globally and perhaps one that your child enjoys a great deal. However, with football the involvement of other members of the family is more or less limited to watching matches—something we cannot really regard as a ‘sporting activity’.

This last section is aimed at anyone who has spent time thinking about investing in a sporting activity, but has not yet made up their mind which of them to spend their money on.


1. Bowls

Bowls is one of the most entertaining sporting family activities and is suitable for family members of all ages.

Its popularity is increased by the fact that it is generally played outdoors in the fresh air. The aim of this classic and simple game is to get your ball as close as possible to the small ball or ‘jack’. Bowls requires at least six balls of the appropriate diameter, each with a different-coloured band, and is best played by at least three people.

The other equipment includes the small wooden ball, a tape measure and a bag. The greatest rewards this game offers are enjoyment, feeling part of a group and just the right amount of exercise. By the way, don’t forget to give your youngsters a few interesting facts about bowls to get them curious, for example. You can learn more about bowls here.


2. Basketball

Generally speaking, children between the ages of 5 and 7 should get to know as many types of sport as possible, and the rules and characteristics of a wide variety of games.

Basketball is an extremely welcome addition to a child’s collection of sporting activities. You can enroll your kids in a recreational basketball programme, where, with ball in hand and among their peers, they’ll be able to build up their knowledge and skills across an extremely wide-ranging programmee of activities.

After a while they get to attend a real match, further increasing their enthusiasm for the game. A free-standing hoop can easily be erected in the yard or garden at home. If you don’t have the option of doing this at home then set off for the nearest court—armed, of course, with a high-quality ball.


3. Cycling

Exploring the world from the saddle and in the company of your loved ones can be extremely enjoyable and good for your health. Some cycling tours are tailor-made for the younger members of the family. It’s all about making sure that pushing the pedals becomes an attractive activity for children, so they get this good habit at a young age.

Don’t forget to tell your kids at the start of the cycling adventure where you’re all headed. Organise a trip to a lake, for example, or to an interesting historical site or a tourist farm with animals. This will increase their motivation and give an exciting goal for the ride. Take a few breaks during the trip, and make sure that everyone has enough water with them, along with a healthy snack or two.


4. Climbing

As well as being good for both adults and the youngest members of the family, climbing together is enormous fun. Moreover, this extremely popular family sport will bring numerous benefits to children in particular. Also, it's extremely fun and one of the greatest (indoor) activities for the family.

Some of the main skills that climbing will develop are a child’s focus and concentration, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. Wall climbing is like solving a problem, and requires everyone, regardless of age, to use mental as well as physical skills. Importantly, this type of activity will help every member of your family to increase their self-confidence, make it easier for them to face fear, and strengthen trust and respect for others in the team.

If you start treating climbing more seriously, you’ll soon see that there is more than one style of this sport. For more information about climbing, click here. 


5. Bowling

Bowling, which involves rolling a large ball along a lane to knock down the pins waiting at the end, is the perfect excuse to get together with a group of friends or your family for some good old-fashioned fun. This activity provides you with a bit of anaerobic exercise, which is extremely useful for burning fat and stimulating the use of muscle groups we generally don’t often exercise.

Bowling is also a great way of spending time with loved ones and getting to know new people. Before setting off to the bowling alley with the family, why not find out a few facts about this popular sport? Click here.


6. Trampolining

Trampolining is surely the best form of family exercise in the summer. Indeed, the trampoline is an extremely effective piece of exercise equipment. It helps everyone to improve their balance, coordination and physical condition. Best of all, trampolining is extremely fun.

Bouncing up and down on a trampoline works muscles throughout the body, making it the most comprehensive and effective form of exercise there is, even more effective than running! Jumping on a trampoline helps nourish every cell in the body and stimulates the workings of the lymphatic system.

Many experts thus recommend trampolining to anyone who wants to clean their body with a thorough detox. Indeed, a mere 15 minutes on a trampoline is enough to achieve this. Given all these benefits, and the fun to had, it’s no wonder that trampoline parks are becoming ever more popular.

Such parks are aimed at professional and recreational users alike, for children, young people and adults, with special areas that are usually reserved for kids. Gymnastics pits, obstacle courses, trampoline walls, inflatable cushions, treadmills, bungee trampolines, basketball hoops and other attractions are all on offer. The whole family can even play a game or two of trampoline dodgeball. Check out this fun family game here.



But trampoline parks can offer so much more than active leisure time with the family. They are also an extremely attractive proposition for any potential investor who wants to put their money into an activity that is aimed at all generations at all times of the year, whatever the weather.

Of all the popular sports that families can do together, trampolining is the most attractive — and this is surely set to continue. The design and installation of a trampoline park with the highest-quality, state-of-the-art equipment can help you realize your long-held dream to run a profitable and exciting business, with many investors already enjoying the benefits of their success in a growing market that attracts the young and old.


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