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The price of a Trampoline park is not always the most important factor

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If you are one of those people who see trampoline parks as an excellent business opportunity, it’s time to dedicate yourself fully to the project. Due to the wide range of trampoline park prices, it is often difficult to choose the right supplier, therefore you have to take account of a few important factors.

Are the prices of trampolines really the decisive factor when choosing a supplier?

The costs of opening a trampoline park are usually high, running into seven figures on average. According to data from the International Association of Trampoline Parks, you will need from 1 to 1.6 million EUR for start-up costs.
While it is true that you will spend the majority of your funds on equipment, that is not the criterion on which to base your decision on the choice of your supplier.

You should be aware that trampolines, foam pits, basketball hoops, climbing walls and other sports equipment are just one of the factors that affect the price of a trampoline park, but far from the most important. They quickly become of secondary importance when you think about what you get for the money you invest.


You have to look at a trampoline park as a long-term investment

Since starting up a trampoline park is a very complex project, price cannot be the sole and most important criterion. When choosing the best trampoline park deals you also have to take several much more important criteria into account.

The right answer to the question “How much does a trampoline park cost?” can only be found after comparing all of the options and thinking hard about what the supplier is actually offering. The most important qualities are without question:


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1. Quality and maintenance costs

Different trampoline brands offer trampolines of different levels of quality. In the long run, it never pays to cut corners on quality. 

Due to the more frequent need for repairs, faster wear and higher maintenance costs, you will soon realize that the cheapest trampoline park is actually the most expensive in the end.

Regardless of the prices of the trampolines, choosing high-quality products is the first thing to think about if you want your park to last and to be used safely by everyone for years after you launch your trampoline park.

You should exclusively choose certified and tested products from trampoline park suppliers who can also provide high-quality installation services and regular maintenance inspections.


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2. Agreed deadlines

In-house production is most often the main reason that the building of a trampoline park is carried out according to an agreed schedule.

This is particularly important when you want to launch your trampoline park before the competition does.

Make sure that the delivery includes an in-house team of installation technicians who ensure that the installation is fast and high-quality.


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3. Design & customer appeal

You have to remember that every trampoline park project is unique and specialTherefore, the price of a trampoline park also depends on its individual layout and size.

The most important element in this respect is designing a park that is attractive to customers and contains additional features, special effects and additional infrastructure that will provide for a wide range of events in the park, a unique design and competitiveness on the trampoline park market.


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4. Flexibility and upgradeability

The modular design of trampoline parks is another quality that can make investing in a trampoline park even more profitable.

It allows the possibility of upgrading your trampoline park and changing the elements as soon as you establish that they are no longer attracting visitors. This way, your trampoline park will never go out of style, but will remain competitive long after its opening.


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5. Professional consulting throughout the entire project

Professional consulting from design concept to construction of the trampoline park has a major impact on the success of your operations and is an increasingly important factor when choosing the best deals on trampoline parks.

The important thing here is that it’s not just about choosing the right equipment for your trampoline park, but also advice about additional purpose-built structures, the technical requirements of the park, promotion and various design approaches depending on the characteristics of the location.

Since each trampoline park is unique, it is crucial that it be flexible with regard to both its design concept and the selected materials, shapes, colours and numerous other elements.


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6. Package deal

If you are still asking yourself how much a trampoline park costs, you should be aware that your money will be best spent if your trampoline park supplier offers the following:

  • one-stop consulting,
  • design,
  • production,
  • transport,
  • installation,
  • certification and
  • successful launching of your trampoline park on the entertainment industry market.

This will allow you to avoid a lot of unnecessary coordination and agreements with different business partners, save you a huge amount of time, and approach the entire project with much less worry.


We have found that the cheapest trampoline park deals are not always the best ones. But even more than this, it is important that when you spend your money you get not just high-quality products, but also a full range of services - from design concept to the installation of the trampoline park.


So it is much, much more than just a one-time purchase! Therefore, the price is clearly not the most important factor. A trampoline park is something that it pays to invest a bit more into up front in order to ensure that it will operate more successfully in the future.


Allow us to take care of your trampoline park, from design concept to build, while you take care of your own business.
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