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Trampolines are a great addition to gyms

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Trampolines are a great addition to gyms - Akrobat

The first gyms were established in the 1960s, and an average gym was just a room with weights and exercise machines, a small swimming pool, a sauna, and a range of services similar to today’s services of spa centres. There were no exercise classes that are offered today, and no workout plans adapted especially to a user’s needs. Today, of course, the offer is completely different and trampolines have also become an important part of it.


Trampolines are the perfect choice for gym members’ complementary workout

But consumers wanted more for their money, and the idea and the vision of large fitness studios soon emerged on the market. The trend has been continuously growing, and the range of services is becoming more diverse and better. Trampolines have proved to be an excellent addition to gyms, as well.

For a long time, a gym has been much more than just a room with weights and exercise machines. Modern gyms are spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art machines that are used in different workouts. One of the best ways to make exercise more exciting is trampolining, as trampolines provide many benefits.



1. Trampolining is a full-body workout

Research has shown that a 20-minute workout on a trampoline burns the same amount of calories as jogging. But the advantage of trampolining is low impact on the knees, feet, hips, and spine, which also decreases the chance of injury. Jumping improves bone density and consequently bone strength.


[Trampolining is a great aerobic workout

that increases blood circulation and metabolism,

and strengthens the cardiovascular system.]


This means that trampolining is great for weight loss, which is one of the most common reasons people join a gym in the first place.

But trampolines also improve motor skills. They increase muscle strength and improve balance and coordination without any special preparation or equipment necessary.

Investing in a trampoline will pay for itself - a regular workout on a trampoline is a full-body workout that will give the same or even better results than with any other exercise machine that exercises merely one muscle group.


2. Trampolines are a fun exercise for all age groups

Exercising in a gym is very efficient, but without a good workout plan it can quickly become monotonous. But since jumping is fun, trampolines can be added to any workout your gym offers.

Most workouts in gyms are only suitable for those above the age of 20, and trampolines can be a great way to attract younger generations as well. New workout plans could be made for them, or even special ones for a child-parent workout. Then the children can have fun on trampolines while the parents do their workout on exercise machines or in an exercise class.


3. Trampolines provide a more diverse range of services

The use of trampolines is the best method to increase the gym’s popularity and the number of memberships. You can upgrade your services and not be limited to workout plans and exercise classes.

Trampolines will also attract those visitors who aren’t interested in weight workouts, but find jumping fun and exciting. Trampolining is gaining popularity, and if your gym invests in a trampoline, chances are its popularity will increase as well.

Sports equipment manufacturers are well aware of this new trend in the fitness culture. They know trampolines are a great addition to gyms and have been offering their most professional and safe trampolines on the market. These trampolines are made of high-quality and certified material, ensuring a safe and long-lasting use even with a large number of users.


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Check out Akrobat trampolines! They are synonym for lasting quality, unpaired performance and guaranteed safety. And they’re so much fun!