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Tips to prepare a business plan for your Trampoline park

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When you decide to get into the trampoline park business, writing a trampoline park business plan is not really an extra, it’s essential. You simply cannot afford not having a good business plan; it is the best way to a successful trampoline park business.


That will answer some key questions, uncover the unknowns and focus on all aspects of your future business. A clear trampoline park business plan is crucial for the success of your business.


How to write a good trampoline park business plan?

The first step to a successful trampoline park business is writing a trampoline park business plan. Anyone can write a business plan, even if they know nothing about business and finances.


[Just as a builder won’t begin

construction without a blueprint,

entrepreneurs shouldn’t rush into

new ventures without a clear business plan,

 and the trampoline park business is

certainly one of such ventures.]


The format of a business plan is usually not strictly laid out. It is best to break the plan into sections and cover all the important subjects that lead to a successful business. Start with what you know and work towards the more difficult and complex subjects.


trampoline park business plan

What should you consider in order to write a good trampoline park business plan?

A trampoline park business plan should answer the key question: how much will investing in the entertainment industry of trampoline parks cost you? The costs usually include renting or constructing a hall, purchasing the park’s equipment, creating a conceptual design, constructing visitor parking places, and other infrastructure.

After constructing a trampoline park and successfully starting your entertainment industry business, there will be other running costs that you must include in your trampoline park business plan. These costs cover things such as renting (should you decide to do that), equipment maintenance, marketing, and labour costs.

However, such trampoline park costs are not the only subject of a clear business plan. A good business plan will estimate when you can count on your trampoline park profit. Generally, profitability shows after the first 8 to 12 months.


[Don’t forget, the greater the

investment, the faster the

break-even, and the greater the profit.]


Profit greatly depends on what your plan to make money in your trampoline park is. A good trampoline park business plan must include an estimate of its revenues (selling tickets, package deals, renting out equipment and space, selling refreshments, organising parties).

When writing a business plan, you shouldn’t overlook operational costs, such as insurance costs. A trampoline park is an entertainment industry business and faces many risks that insurance coverage should cover. This will help you in case of injuries, property damage, the need for legal counsel, and other situations.


trampoline park business plan

Why is a good business plan so important for the trampoline park business?

The usual reason why people write a business plan is because they’re required to if they want to get a loan. The fact is that your trampoline park profit will be bigger if you clearly outline your business plan.

It doesn’t matter if you write 5 or 10 pages; what truly counts is the content. This will lead a clear way to a successful business and allow you to check whether you’ve achieved your business objectives. Before you decide to invest in the entertainment industry, remember that every trampoline park starts with a clear business plan.

Starting a new business is always a challenge and the trampoline park business is no different, as it is even more complex. A good trampoline park business plan is key in determining whether your future trampoline park business will be profitable.


Trampoline park can be a lucrative business idea. But on the other hand, a start of a new business can always be a challenge. Especially in the trampoline park business, which is very complex. What are the next steps?
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