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Trampoline accessories - take your trampoline to the next level

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Trampoline accessories - Akrobat

Whether you use your trampoline for recreation or to improve your health, you might be wondering how you can bring both safety and fun to the next level. The answer is accessories. There is a great selection of trampoline accessories available that will take your bouncing to the next level.


In the accessories category, you will find several pieces that will add to your trampoline’s safety as well as improve its functionality. So don’t hesitate to invest in an accessory for your trampoline. Let us have a look at a few options.


Some of the more important trampoline accessories

1. Trampoline cover

A cover will provide maximum protection from weather damage, including rain, sun, and snow. It also protects your trampoline from debris and dirt damage.

The cover is made of UV-resistant high-quality PVC material. An opening in the middle will allow for water to drain, and the cover will protect your trampoline from dirt and leaves, which is especially convenient in autumn.

The protective cover is available for trampolines of all shapes and sizes. It will increase the life span of your trampoline so you can enjoy bouncing for years.

Trampoline cover

2. Ladder

If you have an above ground trampoline, a ladder is a must. Some trampolines already come with one. A ladder enables you to safely access your trampoline, so it is very important that it is made of high-quality material. It should have smooth edges and be stable enough to stay in place while the trampoline is in use.

You can choose between ladders of different sizes and with different amount of steps. This mainly depends on the trampoline height and on the fact whether or not young children use the trampoline. If they do, you should consider investing in a ladder with smaller spaces between steps.


3. Shoe mat

You can place a shoe mat under the ladder or wherever you access your trampoline. The mat will allow you to stand comfortably, even barefoot, while you take off your shoes and prepare to climb onto the trampoline.

If you place it next to the trampoline, it will keep dirt and debris off your trampoline and thus prevent damage. Your trampoline will stay nice and tidy.

Trampoline shoe mat

4. Trampoline socks 

If you’ve ever visited a trampoline park you know all jumpers are required to use trampoline socks. They can be very useful accessories to your trampoline as they have many advantages.

Trampoline socks with high-quality grips are made of durable material. The traction material on the soles reduces sliding and provides friction, making jumping much safer. Another important function is preventing the spread of microbes which can be exchanged between bare feet. This is even more important in case of several users.

Last but not least, trampoline socks are an excellent and easy way to keep debris and dirt off your trampoline. You’ll be able to use your trampoline without the fear of accidentally damaging it.


5. UV protection spray

This spray will provide maximum UV protection to the PVC material and protect your trampoline from weather and dirt damage. The jumping mat of your trampoline will be protected from dirt, sweat, body oil, and other risks.

By using the UV protection spray, you will increase the life span of not only the jumping mat, but all PVC trampoline parts. You can use it on all PVC trampoline parts, including safety pad spring covers.

The spray will give your trampoline a fresh new look. It is recommended you use it before the start of each season and reapply it periodically while the trampoline is in use.

Trampoline UV protection spray

6. Trampoline springs

Springs are a component part of every trampoline, but also an important accessory that you can replace when necessary. On of the best in the market is the innovative spring system AkroSpring which offers long-lasting elasticity as well as quiet and one-of-a-kind trampolining. You will experience a more powerful bounce with low impact on your muscles, joints, or other body parts.



The right accessories for your trampoline’s longer life span!


If you want to increase the life span of your trampoline, you must have a look at the great selection of accessories. Accessories will save you time you spend for your trampoline’s regular care and maintenance and at the same time increase the safety of your jumping fun.


The use of accessories will increase your safety and add to your bouncing fun while ensuring your trampoline’s optimal functioning. So don’t hesitate to invest in a few accessories - it will pay off in the long run.


Check out Akrobat trampolines! They are synonym for lasting quality, unpaired performance and guaranteed safety. And they’re so much fun! >>


Check out Akrobat trampolines! They are synonym for lasting quality, unpaired performance and guaranteed safety. And they’re so much fun!